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Tree Removal Services

Jay Tree Service is dedicated and committed to help both residential and commercial customers maintain beautiful and healthy trees. Whether you need a complete removal, or just want to trim some low-hanging branches, our professional staff can handle it all in a timely manner!


Tree Removal

Remove dead, diseased or just plain inconvenient trees from your home or businesses’ property.


Tree Maintenance

Clear away rotting or excess tree branches to maintain your lawn’s cosmetic integrity.


Tree Pruning

Promote the healthy growth of the trees on your property with regular pruning services.


Stump Grinding

Once the tree is gone, we will grind the remaining stump down to the roots, cover the hole and remove the chips.

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Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree Maintenance

Tree Trimming


To maintain a tree is to believe in our planet

Trees are not just decorative landscape pieces, they are extremely important to our environment and the ecosystem. At Jay Tree Service we are dedicated to maintaining healthy trees for our clients.
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A Long history of happy clients (and trees)

Our professional staff members have over 10 years experience in the tree service industry. Jay Tree Service is proud to have a long list of happy clients and happy, well maintained trees.
Customer Satisfaction

We leave your property cleaner than we found it

Not only do we ensure the trees we service look immaculate when we’re done, our staff members also clean up every single branch, wood chips, etc. that may fall during the maintenance service.

Get things done the right way

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Skilled Professionals

Since 2014, we have provided professional tree maintenance and removal service throughout Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

Pure from nature

Eco Friendly Solutions

Jay Tree Service uses absolutely no chemicals for any services provided. Diseased trees are completely removed and our mulch/seed is all-natural.


We won't break the bank

We provide free estimates for all tree maintenance service calls and collect payments only AFTER the job is complete! Most jobs done in 1 day.

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