Mulching & Seeding

Jay Tree Service: Mulching & Seeding Services

Besides Tree Removal, Stump Grinding and Tree Maintenance Services, we also provide residents and businesses in the Bucks County, PA area with mulching and seeding services. Our quality-grade mulch and seed will help you to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing lawn to enjoy all Spring and Summer! Read below the importance of Mulching and Seeding your lawn, then give us a call at 267-987-4801 for pricing and availability.

Protect your lawn with organic mulch!

The importance of mulching……

Mulching provides a protective covering of any material or composite. Mulch is spread or left on the ground to reduce evaporation, prevent erosion, control weeds and enrich the soil. Mulch, at the simplest level, will maintain a clean appearance of the area where it is applied. At Jay Tree Service we provide mulching services for residential and commercial properties in a 50-mile radius of Bristol, Pennsylvania. Mulching is a very popular add-on for our stump grinding services, as it provides a clean fill for the area that would otherwise be left empty.

Fertilize your yard with quality seed

The importance of seeding……

If your grass is dead, dying, spotting and has just become an eyesore, Jay Tree Service will seed your yard with quality seed to grow fresh, lush green grass. We will choose the correct seed for your yard, based on what is already growing, and what will give you the best quality grass. We will also be sure to seed at the appropriate time of the year so you can achieve a lush green lawn just in time for the warmer months!

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