Tree Maintenance

Superior Tree Maintenance Services:

Jay Tree Service offers a variety of tree care and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties throughout Bucks County, PA and the surrounding areas of Montgomery County, Philadelphia and West Chester, Pennsylvania. In business since 2014, but backed with over 10 years of experience, our crew is well-equipped to handle any tree service job efficiently and in budget.

We offer Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Maintenance, Stump Grinding and Seeding/Mulching services all year round. In the event of an emergency, our crew is available for 24/7 emergency tree removal services. Even better, there is NEVER any up-front cost. We collect payment only AFTER the job is complete and you are satisfied. Jay Tree Services owns all of our own equipment, so you’ll never have to worry about a delay or cancellation due to not having the proper equipment available. Call 267-987-4801 to schedule a Free Estimate with the most dependable tree service company in Bucks County, PA.

Tree Maintenance Services in Bucks County, PA

Tree Maintenance and Care are extremely important to uphold the tree’s integrity, improve appearance and increase value. Promote healthy trees with regular maintenance services by Jay Tree Service. Tree Maintenance includes cutting away dead branches, which allows for healthy branches to grow in its place. We will also remove excess branches from trees or shrubs in order to maintain a clear right-of-way for roads, sidewalks and/or utility lines. We use only the best quality and performance equipment available on the market including handsaws, pruning hooks, sheers and clippers, as well as truck-mounted lifts and power pruners if necessary. If you’ve been putting off tree maintenance and are ready to turn your lackluster property into a finely-manicured land, call Jay Tree Service today!

Shrub Maintenance Services

Shrubs and bushes are beautiful, natural accent pieces common to many home and business landscapes, but it takes a knowledgeable expert to care for these hardy foliage pieces. Trust the experts at Jay Tree Service to skillfully prune and maintain your shrubs and bushes. Unlike most of the area’s tree and shrub maintenance companies, Jay Tree Service prunes the entire bush, interior and exterior. Because it takes more time, many of our competitors will only concentrate on the exterior, giving your shrub the appearance of being healthy and well maintained, when in reality the shrub is dying from the inside out. At Jay Tree Service we focus on the interior and exterior of your shrubs and bushes, making sure to cut, remove and clear away damaged, broken or decaying branches. Our shrub maintenance provides you with a healthy, dense and attractive three-dimensional shrub, rather than one that just appears as such. Call Jay Tree Service today for a free estimate!

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