Tree Trimming

The Tree Trimming Professionals:

One of our most popular tree services is Tree Trimming, specifically for residential and commercial properties. Property owners should invest in a tree trimming service at least once a year in order to maintain a clean-looking lawn. Tree trimming is used to promote the overall appearance of your lawn and property. Well-trimmed and maintained trees are much more aesthetically-pleasing than trees left to grow at will.

Furthermore, tree trimming is important for many safety reasons. First and foremost, dead branches can fall during heavy rain, a snowstorm, even just one big gust of wind. Unstable branches pose a safety hazard to your home, property and even pedestrians who use your sidewalks. Secondly, if there are any protruding branches rubbing against windows, gutters, siding or your roof, these should be removed immediately, as they can cause extensive damage to your home or building. Hire Jay Tree Service to trim dead, low-hanging or in the way branches on your property in Bucks County, PA and the surrounding areas.

Tree Trimming Services in Bucks County, PA

As with any of our other tree services, at Jay Tree Service we always recommend hiring a professional crew like ours. First and foremost, tree trimming is like an art or a science. You cannot simply start cutting down branches at will; you must know which branches are posing the biggest threats and recognize defects. If you cut the wrong branch, or cut the branch too close to the trunk, you run the risk of hindering tree growth altogether and causing irreparable damage. Furthermore, if you are not experienced in tree trimming and branch removal, you will not understand how and where the branch will fall once cut. All of these factors combined make it extremely important to hire a professional tree trimming company like ours, Jay Tree Service. We provide tree trimming services to Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia and West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Jay Tree Service: Tree Pruning

While Tree Trimming is done to remove dead and hazardous branches and mainly for cosmetic purposes, tree pruning is used to promote healthy tree growth. Regular tree pruning is important for the overall health of your trees. Pruning dead branches allows for new, healthy branches to grow in their place. Healthy branches also promote a strong root system, ensuring your beautiful trees stay healthy for many many years. Pruning should start immediately upon planting of the tree and done regularly, yearly or semi-annually, depending on how fast the tree is growing. When you begin pruning your tree at its infancy, not only do you allow for long-term healthy growth, but you are also able to achieve your ideal look, shape and growth pattern. Regular tree pruning also minimizes the risk of developing dead branches, which as explained above, can pose safety hazards to your home, building, property and pedestrians. If you’ve just planted trees on your property or you would like more information on pruning vs. trimming, call Jay Tree Service today at 267-987-4801. We provide free estimates for all services!

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